Israel – the chosen ONE


After peeling myself off my nightly resting place in Budapest, I again woke up to the sad reality of a completely confused media and journalistic crowd.

11.11.19 – Man sat down to make a selfie

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer SE and responsible for the Zionist Newspaper started by Theodor Herzl “Die Welt”, handed to Axel Springer by the British sometimes in the 1950th, issued a press release as president of the “German Newspaper And Publisher Union” (Verband Deutscher Zeitungsverleger) on 25.9.2018 for their yearly gathering, where he addressed the approximately 400 members in a speech about “the truth”, after he declared “the post Truth Era” after his participation at the Bilderberg Meeting.

Men gather together to present a dude in a white robe -wtf?

What is truth?

The president of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder on 8.11.2019 speaking on Human Fraternity at the Vatican under the pontifical flag and the crucifix.

At the same time, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, visits Theodor-Herzl-Prize winner Angela Merkel in Berlin.

While every Orthodox Jew will understand, that the Pope in Rome represents Edom, it is nearly impossible to convince any Christian, the Pope is the “beast”, Anti-Christ, the devil incarnated on earth, an evil so bad, that it must be hidden from the public eye, until the last moment to avoid massive uprising and a destruction of civilization as we know it.

Nobody is able to comprehend, what it means to be the one, chosen by Allmighty God, to deliver the worst of all messages for the so-called Elite.

Entrance to the most deadly court in the world – the Inquisition, or as it is called today… the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.
Checking in on my delivered Documents… What’s with the transfer?
Moto Proprio vom 30.9.2019 – He opened and … checking in
One out of 10 proof editions with a stupid typo 🙂 The Law of Rome , extended edition for the 100. Anniversary of the German Weimarer Constitution 8/11 – 8.11 is the “mirror date”

On 21.11. The Daughter of Zion (Zachariah 9.9) will turn 15, the “Key of David”.

The chosen one is a dude from Düsseldorf. Not from David, but born out of the spirit of David in the resurrection of the death, Son of Josef – Ephraim.

Adam Berkowitz… You did not listen and did not ask…

A good and responsible journalist Mathis Döpfner said to publishers, follows up on the truth, wherever the truth will lead him and will stand for the consequences, once the truth is published.