Jacob’s Dream and the Copyrights of Torah.de

In 2015, I laid out the business strategy of DreamStream LLC for the upcoming 2 years, leading to the Jerusalem Jubilee year 5777, with the full understanding, that whatever will happen… we all live in the time of the biggest story in the history of mankind, regardless if somebody realizes this fact or not.

The change of my TOS in Germany 25.5.15, led to the foundation of the “Erbengemeinschaft Jakob” 24.4.17 and the purchase of the lost domain Torah.de, operated by DreamStream CEO Ulf Diebel since 1999.

Over the course of nearly 5 years, the business of DreamStream, IsraelShop.com, dozens of Shareholders, hundreds of Bussiness clients and thousands of customers, clients and close friends were severely damaged, due to the systematic Antisemitic and Antizionist attacks, mounting in an unprecedented a amount of financial damage.

From 29.8.2018 up to this day, a systematic damaging Fake News Reporting lead to clear attack against Israel, Jerusalem, the Jewish People and a complete innocent Family in Harsewinkel.

On December 6, 2019 – again, I was not able to make peace with my own family, as my son Moritz Maximilian Diebel, born 6.12.1992 in Chemnitz,m who turned 25 on the very day Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as Capitals of Israel, the place where my Daughter Naomi Esther and Yael Eden where born.

One day after the Terror Attack of the SPD lead Cities Harsewinkel and Gütersloh, CDU Merkel visits Auschwitz and meets Ronald Lauder.
The theology of Dr. Jürgen Bühler is the cause for the constant antisemitic attacks against Jews and Torah observant Israelites, like the one by the ECG Harsewinkel.

The violation of copyrights, trademarks and the basic Human Rights are so severe and deep, that a direct intervention by the US Administration is necessary.